2 years of wedded bliss

2 years of wedded bliss

Two years ago today I married the sweetest man ever to live. I try not to question how it is that the stars aligned to bring this prince into my life. Pondering questions such as these often leaves me a little lost and bewildered, down a path I don’t remember starting on. All I know for sure is that I am an extremely lucky woman to call him mine.

Our day to day looks like any other married couple’s might. We are woken at around 6:15 AM by our 17 month old. She comes into bed with us and we relax together for 30 minutes while she breastfeeds. Or more specifically, I try to relax as she climbs my tired body and does somersaults while kneeing me in the ribs. Chris, my husband, gets up, does his morning routine and heads off to work. When he returns to me again around 6:00 PM, we kiss and talk about our respective days. He tells me about the triumphs and frequent moments of boredom of working as a data consultant. I share about my day running after a beautiful, whiny toddler tornado. We have dinner, put our darling to bed and enjoy an hour or two together before retiring ourselves. Once a week we visit friends or host a dinner and once a month or so we leave town for the weekend but our normal day to day doesn’t change all that much.

May seem like a pretty mundane marriage, It’s the details though… the details that make being married to my husband a special experience. Chris sleeps hard, like a log. I sleep like a feather, flustered by the slightest shift in environment, so I often wake up under slept. He knows this and does his best to let me relax in the mornings. Every day he goes to our daughter’s bedroom, changes her diaper and brings her to me for her morning milk. All I have to do is lie there; and get kneed in the ribs. šŸ˜‰ Chris makes sure to tell me I am beautiful often, even when I haven’t showered in 3 days and am covered in baby spit and chewed food. He says I love you every day and holds me close when he says it. For my 30th birthday, he took over all planning and spent months coordinating with 15 friends, taking into account people’s differing schedules and activity preferences. My husband helps me decide what to wear when I’m havingĀ trouble picking something myself. When I’m in a shitty mood he lets me vent and doesn’t hold a grudge. When we fight, he is often the one to come to me first and start the mending process. (I can be a bit stubborn about admitting fault… I’m working on it.)

My day to day is magical because I’m married to Chris, a man who takes care to treat each day like the miracle that it is. He inspires me to be a better person; to be more patient and compassionate; to relax and get out of my over thinking mind. Marriage can be hard. I wasn’t sure I’d ever walk down the aisle. My marriage works because I found the right man to be married to. Happy Anniversary Mister. ā¤