Ghee (clarified butter) Recipe

Ghee (clarified butter) Recipe

Ghee or clarified butter is a delicious, relatively healthy alternative to butter and is incredibly easy to make. The butter is cooked until the milk protein separates and is removed. This allows for people with lactose sensitivities to enjoy ghee. Because the milk protein has been removed, ghee has a very long shelf life without having to be refrigerated. You can treat ghee like any other cooking oil! Here are a few more positives of incorporating ghee into your diet,

• It helps to lubricate your connective tissue and promote flexibility.

• Ghee is rich in healthy fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K.

• Ghee converts fiber into butyric acid, which is beneficial to intestinal bacteria.

• Stimulates the liver to make new bile, so 94% of old toxic bile is not re-absorbed.

• Ghee scrubs the intestines of toxins

Amazing right? My favorite part though? The flavor it adds to my dishes. Ghee tastes like browned butter with a hint of some kind of nut… pine nuts maybe. It’s hard to put my finger on it, all I know for sure is, it’s so so good. I much prefer it to butter!

To make this deliciousness you’ll need a pot, a spatula, a small strainer, 1 pound of butter and a cheese cloth.


1. Heat a wide bottom pot on medium-low heat. As soon as pot is hot, add the butter.

2. Stir butter with a spatula.IMG_3473.JPG

3. After a few minutes butter should be completely melted and will begin to bubble. Once this happens you will slowly lower the heat. You want a steady bubbling to occur but not on too high a heat or else you will burn your ghee.

4. You will watch the ghee during the cooking process which will total approximately 20-25 minutes. Once the milk protein has completely separated after 25 minutes of bubbling and there is a thick white layer on the top, you will begin skimming it off and discarding it.



5. At this point the milk solids should have fallen to the bottom and begun to brown. You will take the ghee off of the heat and pour into a sealable jar through a cheesecloth to catch the milk solids.IMG_3479.JPG


6. Discard milk solids and seal your mason jar to keep ghee fresh.

7. Once ghee is cooled it will become solid again.IMG_3481.JPG

Use as you would butter or cooking oil! I make my eggs with it, spread it on toast or on a sweet treat like my homemade butternut squash bread, which I’ll be posting a recipe for soon.

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