DIY Dry Shampoo

DIY Dry Shampoo

If you’ve been following my blog, you may recall me mentioning that I don’t shower very often. I wash up every 2-4 days depending on the level of physical activity I’ve engaged in. There are a few different reasons for this; Firstly, California is in a major drought. Enough said. Secondly, my skin is irritatingly dry, you may even use the word scaly to describe it. Showering only exacerbates the issue. The less I shower the better my skin looks and feels. Lastly but definitely not least of all, I have an 18 month old. If you have children then you know what I’m talking about. For my dear readers without wee ones, when you live with a toddler, doing anything that involves peaceful time for yourself becomes exceedingly difficult. Seriously, if I close the door when I’m home alone with my daughter she will have a melt down of biblical proportions. Sometimes I brave the storm. Sometimes I just don’t have the strength.

Now, I’m not advocating you stop cleaning yourself. I don’t know what you smell like after 2 days without showering and I don’t want to be held responsible for some tragic event like you getting fired from your job or losing all of your friends. Use your good judgement. Raise your arms, if you nearly fall over from the stench, lather yourself up immediately. I am not a very smelly person so I can get away with a few swipes of a baby wipe and some deodorant. Unfortunately these don’t do anything for my hair which is naturally pretty greasy. Dry shampoo to the rescue! I have purchased many different brands in the last decade and let me tell you, homemade is the way to go. No chemicals, no additives, a fraction of the cost and works better than any dry shampoo I’ve tried, including the expensive ones.


Ingredients for Dark Hair:

1/4 cup Arrowroot Powder (sucks up moisture)

1/4 cup unsweetened cacao powder (darkens arrowroot)

1 tbsp cinnamon (antimicrobial)

1-2 drops of essential oil of your choice, I used lavender (optional)

Ingredients for Light Hair:

1/2 cup Arrowroot powder

1 tbsp cinnamon

1-2 drops essential oil (optional)


Simply mix all dry ingredients together, add essential oil, if using and mix again. Voila! You have an awesome dry shampoo.


I applied mine with a makeup brush. If you have an empty baby powder container, use that or you could simply sprinkle dry shampoo on scalp with your fingers and massage in. Whatever works best for you.

Look at these before and afters I took.




Isn’t that difference incredible??

Enjoy your clean, shiny, chocolate smelling hair!

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