Hello! I am Samantha, a 30 year old wife and new mother doing my best to create a happy life for me and my family. I’m figuring this whole mothering a child and taking care of a household thing out as I go along. I haven’t burned the kitchen down or dropped my daughter on her head yet so I feel like I’m doing pretty well!

This blog is a place for me to share a little of myself with the world. A place to celebrate my triumphs and move through my hardships. A place where I can be myself and connect with you. Sometimes this human experience can leave me feeling a little lost and disconnected. It helps me to know that there is far more that connects us than separates us. I just want to be vibrant- happy and healthy. I’m sure you want that too.

I will also share inspiration on how to cultivate your own natural radiance through recipes, use of essential oils, self massage techniques, meditation practices and natural DIY beauty and cleaning products.

Welcome to a little slice of my life.
Thanks for reading!


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