There’s an oil for that

There’s an oil for that

I am a firm believer in the power of essential oils. These magical little oils have the power to perk you up, stimulate circulation, ease tension, disinfect, enhance mental acuity, improve your mood, the list goes on. I have an arsenal of different ones in my home that I use nearly every day. I want to share a few of my favorites with you all and why I love them so.

Rosemary- ah rosemary. That beautiful smell- woody, herbaceous, delicious. Rosemary has many health benefits. Inhaling it can help to clear your respiratory tract, enhance memory and improve your mood. I use rosemary essential oil for all of the above, but my very favorite use for it is to get rid of the gnarly pee stink in the toilet. Since I don’t use bleach, rosemary is a miracle worker for leaving my toilet smelling sparkly clean. I just drop 3 drops in it after cleaning with distilled vinegar and baking soda- or just use it whenever you’d like to freshen it up. I also use this essential oil in my massage creams. It boosts circulation which helps to promote a healthy lymphatic flow as well as battle the dreaded cellulite. Health and beauty win!!

Tea tree- Some people aren’t fond of the smell of tea tree. I LOVE it. Tea tree is anti bacterial and anti fungal so it is fantastic for treating pimples. When I feel one coming on I dab a drop directly onto the pimple before bed and in the morning it has lessened or completely disappeared, nearly every time. I use tea tree in my homemade cleaners as well. Works like a charm. I’ve cleaned my yoga mat with it, my countertops, even my teeth. When I experience gum pain, I will floss well and apply some tea tree to the affected area. It has completely solved the problem every time.

Lavender- What is there to say that hasn’t been said about this incredible oil? Likely not much. Lavender’s sweet slightly herbaceous scent makes it one of mother nature’s greatest natural perfumes. I add it to my homemade skin products for it’s anti septic and anti inflammatory properties. Lavender essential oil is also an adaptogen, which means that it has a normalizing affect on the body. This can be seen in it’s ability to calm nervousness and help one sleep. I sniff lavender before bed and it definitely seems to help me unwind.

Grapefruit- Other than simply smelling amazing, grapefruit is also uplifting and energizing. The essential oil is high in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene. This antioxidant has anti inflammatory properties and is wonderfully nourishing for your skin. I dilute some of this essential oil in my face cream to give it a yummy smell and liven up my skin. Grapefruit is also an incredible cellulite blaster so add it to your lotion and massage away!

Eucalyptus – This is another oil that I love to use in cleaning. It gives everything a nice pine smell without leaving behind all the nasty chemicals that pine sol would. Due to it’s anti septic and anti fungal properties, I will also drop this oil into my toilet to freshen and disinfect. As I mentioned in a previous post, I use this oil in my shower to create a steam inhalant for those yucky times of the year when I’m congested. It works incredibly well!

In closing, essential oils are the proverbial poo. There are tons more to speak of, of course, but I’ll leave with these for now. 🙂 What oils do you use, dear readers and why do you love them?



Cleaning your yoga mat

Cleaning your yoga mat

I do yoga 4-5 times a week. I make it a priority as the benefits for my mind and body simply can’t be ignored. Even if I can only get 15 minutes a day in, I feel a huge shift in my ability to concentrate, be present in my body and have more patience with my high energy, willful toddler.

I did yoga today as a matter of fact. While my baby girl took her nap, I dedicated 15 blissful minutes to my body’s well being and peace of mind. Well, it was almost blissful. As I unrolled my mat this morning, I was met with the unpleasant scent of old gym socks. Having possibly only minutes for my practice, I overlooked the stench and got my yoga on. With each subsequent downward dog I was met again with the foul odor. It was then that it occurred to me… I couldn’t even remember the last time I washed the darn thing. Gross. Thinking about how much sweat and skin cells I’d rolled up and left to fester over the past few months left me more dizzied than my upward bow pose.

I enjoyed my corpse pose on the hard wood floor today. As soon as I came back to my body, I got to work on a concoction that would disinfect all that grime and leave a pleasant smell for my next session. My finished product smells light and fresh with only the slightest hints of the herbaceous tee tree and eucalyptus and the floral lavender. They mix quite well together. Here is my recipe:

• 2 cups water
• 2 tablespoons white vinegar
• 3 drops eucalyptus essential oil
• 3 drops lavender essential oil
• 1 drop tea tree essential oil

Add all ingredients to a spray bottle and shake a few times to mix together.

Enjoy your all natural disinfecting spray! This will work perfectly for your yoga mat and could easily be used for cleaning other surfaces as well.